ServerTune Data CenterDATA CENTER

ServerTune, Inc. owns state of the art private racks in Minnetonka, Minnesota. The facilities at the data center offer complete redundancy in power, HVAC, fire suppression, network connectivity, and security.

ServerTune's IP backbone architecture consists of core backbone routers connected by multiple, diverse, high-speed optical circuits ranging from OC-12 to OC-192. This technology provides many benefits to ServerTune, Inc. including the removal of network congestion and the utilization of our open architecture.

Our local Internet POPs are connected via diversely-routed circuits and packetover-SONET architecture through our core routers to form regional IP networks.

High-Speed Connection
Our fast, reliable, redundant fiber network ensures that data is always delivered at high-speed optical circuits ranging from OC-12 to OC-192.

We give our clients a gateway to the industry's most robust local and regional optical networks, allowing you to take advantage of the best infrastructure and support capabilities available.

Network Security
ServerTune provides the best-in-class firewall, application security, and intrusion prevention capabilities to our clients. Your server(s) can be placed behind our hardware-based firewalls to protect your system(s) against the following attacks: DoS/DDoS, UDP Flooding, Intrusion Detection, TCP SYN Flooding, and Ping Flooding.

ServerTune Data CenterPower
The facilities have multiple Liebert and 2 UPS battery backup power, and have on-site permanent generator power.  Fire suppression includes a pre-action dry pipe system including VESDA (very early smoke detection apparatus) along with smoke detectors.

Physical Accessibility

  1. Physical access to our Data Center is restricted to authorized staff and clients only. Authorization is granted by the CEO of ServerTune, Inc., based on the applicant's eligibility for access described below.
  2. ServerTune's Data Center entrances are monitored by video cameras at all times. The activities of all individuals entering and leaving the data center is recorded.
  3. An authorized staff member will always display an identification badge with their picture and name on it. Whenever in a restricted area, all authorized persons must wear an identification badge on their outer garments so that both the picture and information on the badge are clearly visible. If an individual added to the authorized person list does not possess the M-card, an M-card must be created for them.
  4. Staff members who have forgotten their identification badge must obtain a temporary badge by providing a driver's license or another piece of picture identification to the their shift supervisor. Such a temporary badge is valid for a single day only.
  5. All visitors and/or clients must schedule an appointment ahead of time to tour or work on their co-located servers in our data center. Visitors or other third party guests may be granted access to restricted areas by an authorized staff member. While visitors or guests are in the restricted area, they must be escorted at all times. Visitors and guests must sign-in and record:
    • Full name
    • Driver license number or other picture
    • The date and time entering and leaving the restricted area

Our data environment consists of:

  • Cisco routers and switches throughout.
  • Redundant power via 2 independent grids with 2 taps into each.
  • Standby diesel generator backup.
  • UPS systems are provided throughout our facility and are monitored 24x7. Everything that we do for our customers is backed up via UPS systems.
  • Multi-backbone fiber, connectivity.
  • Two levels of security.
  • One Operations Center, staffed on-site and is managed 24x7x365.
  • HVAC Air Handlers in each data suite or co-location room.
  • Security Levels
    ServerTune, Inc. triple-layer security solution includes cutting-edge intrusion and flood detection and prevention. These layers include:
    • Attack Prevention Services.
    • Detection and Incident Response Services.
    • Threat Elimination Services.
  • Attack Prevention Services
    Prevention services are available with every server hosted at ServerTune, Inc. and include:
    • Managed Cisco Networks Firewall.
    • Virtual Private Network Tunnels.
    • Vulnerability Assessments.
    • Penetration Testing.
    • Operating System Hardening.
  • Detection and Response Services
    recognize and stop attempted intrusions, prevent further intrusions from occurring, and provide a real-time alert to ServerTune, Inc.
  • To resolve security problems before they result in system compromise, ServerTune, Inc. has a variety of responses available to provide Threat Elimination:
    • Server Administrative Services
    • Custom Incident Escalation Procedures
    • Application Specific Updates