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ServerTune guarantees delivery of well-built Cloud VPS in 2 hours.

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  • CentOS 7 has been released

    The CentOS Project is pleased to announce the release of their newest OS, version 7 for x86_64. CentOS 7 was released few weeks after Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) v7, including the same exciting features and fixes RHEL ships.

  • Soap to control your home devices

    Soap is a new home management system that allows you to control everything wireless or wired and keeps your home secured from hackers, spies and creeps.

  • What will the city of tomorrow look like?

    Imagine turning the ocean into drinking water, ending traffic jams, making policing smarter and creating buildings with zero carbon footprints. Technology is the solution. How?

  • Google wants to sell domain names

    Google announced the launch of an invite-only service, Google Domains, to help small businesses find, register and manage their Web addresses. The service is currently in beta testing with a small number of users.

  • Nvidia Shield Tablet Is All About Gaming

    Nvidia launched their own tablet called the "Shield", designed specifically for gamers along with a wireless controller. Unsurprisingly, the Shield tablet comes with a bevy of games, including Trine 2, War Thunder, Anomaly 2 and a gaming hub with more than 400 Shield-optimized titles.

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