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The ServerTune Plan is designed to secure, harden, optimize, and keep your server in perfect running condition.

ServerTune Plan

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ServerTune plan includes all the features you need to secure, harden, optimize, and keep your server in perfect running condition. This is our most popular service and the best server management value on the Web.

ServerTune Plan: Standard vs. Plus


Server Security and Internet Attacks Prevention

(CSF) or any other software-based firewall you prefer.
Mod Security and a set of effective rules to protect your server.
Mod Evasive and a set of effective rules to protect your server.
Add Directives to IPTable to mitigate DoS an Syn attack.
Secure and protect /tmp directory.
Php Scripts: implement security patches and check on vulnerability.
Shell access: secure and restrict SSH access.
SynCookies: Enable "TCP Syn Flooding" module in your Kernel.
Scan your server using advanced tools for bad and/or insecure scripts that might pose security threat or causing troubles to your server.

Php and cgi/Perl Scripts and applications

Scan your entire server for bad/insecure Php and Cgi/Perl scripts

Mail Server and applications

Update your Mail server to the latest release.
Update/install Clam Anti-Virus.
Update/install SpamAssassin and related RBLs/ACLs.
Upgrade Web Mail and related Interfaces including RoundCube, Squirrelmail, and Horde.
Secure and harden your Mail server.
Add Sender Policy Framework (SPF) records to all DNS zones to prevent sender email address forgery.
Prevent Dictionary Attack on your Mail server.
Install/update RBLs and ACLs to purge SPAM.


Hard Drive: optimize the performance and checking on its condition.
Memory: check for leaks and working condition.
/tmp: Secure /tmp partition


  • Upgrade to the latest version.
  • Install required Perl modules by your OS and other applications.

Php: check on installation, integrity of modules, files, repair and/or upgrade.

We will install and/or upgrade the following Php Modules:
  • Zend Optimizer.
  • eAccelerator.
  • ImageMagick.
  • ionCube Php Loader.
  • xCache
  • Pear Module with DB and Mail functions.
OpenSSH: Upgrade to the latest release, and check on integrity of files and functionality.
OpenSSL: Upgrade to the latest release, and check on integrity of files and functionality.
  • Upgrade to the latest release.
  • Secure and harden your httpd server.
  • Check on the integrity of conf files, modules and libraries.
  • Optimize performance.
  • Upgrade to the latest release, upon your request
  • Check on functionality.
  • Optimize performance.
  • Repair DBs and tables.
Python: Upgrade to the latest release, and check on installation, and functionality.
PhpMyAdmin: upgrade to the latest and most secure edition.
LogWatch: upgrade to the latest release.

DNS/Name Server (BIND)

BIND: Update to the latest release.
DNS Zones: check on all DNS zones in /var/named directory and make sure their directives are accurate.
DNS servers: check if your DNS server is not an open relay and secure.

Backup System

Check on backup functionality, configure, and optimize performance.
Logrotate files.

Control Panel

Configure and tune up to achieve an optimal performance.

RPM Packages and Binaries

Download and upgrade to the latest versions available.


Upgrade to the latest version compatible with your server operating system.

Pricing Structure

Per server, one-time project


  • ServerTune Plan is a one-time project/service. The fee is non-refundable.
  • Response time: 30 minutes - 60 minutes
  • We will send a detailed report when the work is completed.
  • Managed Server is for your own server and not hosting clients.
  • We do not and will not reboot your server without prior permission from you.
  • You are responsible for the maintenance and integrity of your server backups and restorations. It is in your best interest and strongly encouraged that you maintain backup copies of your clients' files in an alternative location away from your /home directory.
  • Our server management plans do not include troubleshooting of problems with CGI scripts, including but not limited to: Perl/CGI scripts, Php scripts, and web/database integration.
  • To install, setup, and/or configure any third-party applications, please submit an order for the Setup Plan.
  • If you modify the settings and/or any system files/applications, you are responsible for any technical issues or failures that may result from those modifications.
  • There are a few technical issues that we won't be able to solve due to, for example, a hardware failure or network issues that would require your host to repair.

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