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HowTo :: secure your vBulletin Forum

To secure your vBulletin from being hacked, do the following:
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Passwords and vBulletin

HTML code, Plugin/Product Management and vBulletin

Your PC and vBulletin

Shared Hosting and vBulletin

Security through obsecurity

Since these paths are known, hackers by pass the forums and then attempt to hack into your admincp or modcp. Give admincp and modcp directories new names. You can name them any thing you like. Giving new names to admincp and modcp will make it difficult for amateur hackers to penetrate your forum.

If you rename your admincp and modcp directoires, you MUST update the directives in config.php file with the new names.

Upgrading vBulletin to the latest Stable release

This way the directory will be accessible for those with IP addresses in the .htaccess file, only.

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