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Who is exhausting MySQL resources on my server?

We suggest you monitor MySQL processes on a regular basis either using a third-party software application such: "mytop", and/or by manually using one of the following two commands:

Using "watch", as seen above, a specific command can be executed periodically while having the output displayed full-screen for monitoring purposes; the interval is specified using the switch "-n" as seen by the number 5 in the example giveb above, representing an interval of 5 seconds (while the default interval is every 2 seconds).

If the utility watch (for Linux), or cmdwatch (for FreeBSD), is not available, it may be found via the following from the OS distribution: For Linux (RHEL/CentOS) the utility "watch" is included with the RPM named "procps":

For FreeBSD the equivalent utility "cmdwatch" is included with the package (or "FreeBSD port") named "cmdwatch":

On a cPanel powered server, you can run the following command:

Please note that the Daily Process Log in WHM is an average for the current day; the percentage reported may not indicate a severe problem or any problem at all depending on the exact activity taking place and how it may be affecting overall server load.

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