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Linux Kernel panic reboot

If you experince a kernel panic issue, and to get the system rebooted, automatically, you need to modify the value set on "kernel.panic" parameter.

You'll get:


You might get:

kernel.panic = 0

To reboot the system after a kernel panic, you need to set an integer N greater than zero to the paramter "kernel.panic", where "N" is the number of seconds to wait before a automatic reboot.

For example , if you set N = 10, the system waits for 10 seconds before automatic reboot. To make this permanent, you need to edit the file: /etc/sysctl.conf and set it.

Run the following commands to make sure the value 10 seconds has been set:

You'll get:

kernel.panic = 10

By default, the system will never reboot when it encounters a kernel panic, but with the above setting you can force it to.

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