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Can I use Postfix instead of Sendmail as my MTA in FreeBSD?

FreeBSD comes with sendmail already installed as your Mail Transfer Agent (MTA). If you wish to disable Sendmail and use different MTA such as Postifx, you must do the following:

If you disable sendmail's outgoing mail service, you must replace it with an alternative mail delivery system such as Postfix. If you choose not to disable Sendmail, system functions such as "periodic" will be unable to deliver their results by email. In addition, many parts of your system may expect to have a functional sendmail-compatible system. If applications continue to use sendmail's binaries to try to send email after you have disabled them, mail could go into an inactive sendmail queue, and never be delivered.

In order to completely disable sendmail, including the outgoing mail service, you must add/modify the following directives in /etc/rc.conf file:


If you wish to disable sendmail's incoming mail service, you should set:


Running Postfix, the new MTA on Boot

The new MTA can be started during boot by adding the following directive into /etc/rc.conf:

Postfix will now be automatically started during boot.

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