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HowTo :: install or add a package

To install a Port: (ImageMagick as an example)

cd /usr/ports/graphics/ImageMagick/ && make install clean

To add the package:

pkg_add -r ImageMagick-nox11

The example above would download the correct package and add it without any further user intervention. If you want to specify an alternative FreeBSD Packages Mirror, instead of the main distribution site, you have to set the PACKAGESITE environment variable accordingly, to override the default settings. pkg_add uses fetch to download the files, which honors various environment variables. When the remote fetching feature is used, the version number of the package must be removed. pkg_add will automatically fetch the latest version of the application.

: pkg_add will download the latest version of your application if you are using FreeBSD-CURRENT or FreeBSD-STABLE. If you run a -RELEASE version, it will grab the version of the package that was built with your release.

Managing Packages
pkg_info: is a utility for displaying information on software packages.

pkg_version: is a utility that summarizes the versions of all installed packages. It compares the package version to the current version found in the ports tree.

Deleting a Package
For example to delete xchat-1.7.1, run the following command:

pkg_delete xchat-1.7.1

It is, however, easy to use pkg_version to find the version of the installed package. You could instead simply use a wildcard:

pkg_delete xchat\*

in this case, all packages whose names start with xchat will be deleted.

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