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What is your cancellation policy?

ServerTune makes a valiant effort to be the best and most reliable hosting company. While we realize that we cannot be the perfect host for everybody, we hope to make our clients' experience with our company enjoyable and fulfilling.

Because we feel our services are unmatched, we make it simple to cancel a client account. This is because we have confidence in our service, support, and features-and we believe that few clients will want to cancel their service. Unlike other hosting providers who require a signed letter or a facsimile requesting cancellation, we simply require clients to cancel their account through the (online) cancellation form.

We discourage people from signing up and cancelling an account multiple times. The only possible way to accept such clients back is to sign up for a 3-months contract.

There is no refund on the unused portion of a client's service cycle. We expect our clients' commitment for the service cycle they choose. To avoid further charges on their accounts, a client must submit their cancellation form at least three (7) days before the existing contract expires. Phone calls or AIM/Yahoo/ICQ/MSN/Hotmail messaging are not be accepted.

If you wish to terminate your server and/or service, please login to your account and submit a Cancellation request. This cancellation notification must be submitted:

If we receive your cancellation request after the day stated above for the service/product you use from ServerTune, you will be charged for a full month of service.

Otherwise you will be held responsible to pay the amount due whether you pay by check, Paypal, or credit card. Your credit card will be charged the full amount due, and no refund is given for the renewed billing term.

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