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HowTo :: configure Webmin control panel and its services/applications

Webmin Wiki and documentation


HowTo configure Webmin control panel, install new modules or upgrade to a newer version.

HowTo use Webmin to configure the Apache webserver. It covers virtual hosts, IP access control, password restrictions and much more.

DNS Server configuration
Info about DNS and BIND DNS servers, and HowTo use Webmin module for creating and managing DNS domains.

MySQL Server
HowTo configure, create, and manage MySQL DBs and tables.

Postfix Mail Server configuration
HowTo configure and modify different options to optimize Postfix Mail server.

ProFTPD Server
HowTo configure and use ProFTP server for different purposes.

Webmin Access Control
This tutorial shows you how to create new Webmin users with access to only some modules, and how to restrict exactly what users can do in each module.

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