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HowTo :: install or un-install Webmin


- Installtion

Using the RPM Package:
First download the binary file, and then run the command:

For detailed instructions, go to: Installing the RPM

Using the *tar.gz file
First, download the tar ball file:, and run the following commands (in that order):

When the script is run, it will ask the following questions :

If you have previously installed Webmin and use the same config directory, this will be the only question asked.

The setup script will display a list of supported systems. If your OS is not on the list, you can try choosing the closest match. However this may not work properly, and may even cause serious problems!

Assuming you answer all the above questions correctly, the Webmin web server will be started and the setup script will give you the URL to go to. Enter this URL into your browser, and you will be prompted for the login and password that you choose in Once you have logged in your browser should show the main Webmin page, on which is an icon for each module you have installed.

If you installed Webmin by specifying an installation directory parameter to as the instructions above show, the original directory can now be safely deleted.

For detailed instructions, go to: Installing the tar.gz file

- Un-installation

It depends on how you installed Webmin. If you have installed the RPM package, SSH to the server and run the command:

If you've used the *.tar.gz package, SSH to the server and run the command:

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