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My mail server is an open relay, and a lot of spam is going through

If da-popb4smtp is installed on your server, this is not the problem. As a matter of fact, it is wise to use popb4smtp function in your Mail server (For more information, read the following article about (Pop Before SMTP).

On a DirectAdmin server, da-popb4smtp adds your own IP address into the /etc/virtual/pophosts file for about 30 minutes after you've authenticated pop or imap. That said, since you've already authenticated with pop any IP added to this file can send email freely without smtp authentication. Within that context, your server is not an open relay.

To make sure your server is not an open relay, go to:

Also, make sure that you do NOT have any domains in the /etc/virtual/whitelist_domains file. If you do, any email address or any domain in that file can freely relay through your server. Be careful to NOT have commonly forged domains including yahoo, hotmail, gmail, and so on, in that file.

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