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HowTo :: change server IP address
  1. When you change your server IP address, reboot the server with the new IP (the new one you want to use). DirectAdmin will not be running, as the license file will be invalid.
  2. Contact DirectAdmin to obtain a new license file. DirectAdmin will change the IP in the license.
  3. SSH to the server and run the following commands (in that order):

Make sure the license the file contains no error messages, or weird characters.

Start DirectAdmin with the new license:

Download the script from directadmin:

Run ipswap script with the old and and the new IP. For example:

The ipswap script can be run on any IP(s), so if you want to change all IPs with new ones, follow the example given above. Just ensure that you match the new server IP with the old one.

Restart the following applications:

Run this command to update the users' list cache so that you see the new results in the show users lists:

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