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HowTo :: allow delivery of an attachement with a banned extension such as .eml or .exe?

Assuming you are running cPanel/WHM v11.xx, login to the WHM >> Exim Configuration Editor and you'll find a selection for filtering attachments. If you don't want to filter _any_ attachments, disable that option.

If you DO want to filter SOME attachments but not all of the ones it filters by default, then you'll want to do something like this:

Edit the following file, using your favorite Linux Editor such as pico or vi:

Remove the types of attachments that Exim filter blocks by default such as: .eml or exe. There would be three instances of each one in that file on pertinent filtering lines. Save that file and then go back to the WHM >> Exim Configuration Editor, and change the System Filter File from:

/etc/cpanel_exim_system_filter to:

If you make any changes to the default "System Filter File", the cPanel will wipe out any changes and put that file back to default.

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