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HowTo :: reset root password on FreeBSD (single user mode)
NOTE You must have physical access or a VPS console level access. Do the following Reboot the Server (FreeBSD in single user mode) and select...
Not rated
08 Dec, 2014
Views: 1293
HowTo :: install or add a package
To install a Port: (ImageMagick as an example) cd /usr/ports/graphics/ImageMagick/ && make install clean To add the package: pkg_add...
Not rated
07 Dec, 2014
Views: 1117
How can I verify which scheduler is in use on a running system?
Check and see if the kern.sched.quantum directive is in the sysctl file. If you have it, you should see something like this: % sysctl...
Not rated
07 Dec, 2014
Views: 1341
What is kern.sched.quantum?
kern.sched.quantum is the maximum number of ticks a process can run without being preempted. It is specific to the 4BSD scheduler, so you can use...
Not rated
07 Dec, 2014
Views: 1305
How do I create SWAP file on FreeBSD
The GENERIC kernel already includes the memory disk driver required for this operation. When building a custom kernel, make sure to include the...
Not rated
07 Dec, 2014
Views: 1519