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HowTo :: install or un-install Webmin
- Installtion Using the RPM Package: First download the binary file, and then run the command: rpm -U ...
Not rated
08 Dec, 2014
Views: 775
HowTo :: configure Webmin control panel and its services/applications
HowTo configure Webmin control panel, install new modules or upgrade to a newer version. HowTo use Webmin to configure the Apache...
Not rated
08 Dec, 2014
Views: 1112
HowTo :: install Perl MD5 module
From Webmin: If you are using Webmin v0.83 or above, login to Webmin >> Perl Modules and from there you can the MD5 module from CPAN. From...
Not rated
08 Dec, 2014
Views: 759
HowTo :: install new Webmin modules
Once you have downloaded a new module as a *.wbm file, login to Webmin >> Configuration module and click on the Webmin Modules button. Find...
Not rated
08 Dec, 2014
Views: 771
HowTo :: change the list of allowed IPs to access Webmin
If you've locked yourself out due to IP restrictions, you need to change Webmin's list of allowed IP addresses. SSH to the server and login as...
Not rated
08 Dec, 2014
Views: 840
HowTo :: change Webmin password if you can't login
There is a program called included with the Webmin distribution to solve this problem. Assuming you've have installed Webmin in...
Not rated
08 Dec, 2014
Views: 847
When trying to install Webmin using the RPM package, you get the error message: Unable to identify operating system
This happens if Webmin can not identify your Operating System (OS) by looking at your /etc/issue file, possibly because it has been changed from the...
Not rated
08 Dec, 2014
Views: 791